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Our favourite highlights from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

May’s theme was flowers, so what better way to round it up than with an overview of the flower event of the year, the Chelsea Flower Show? One of the big events of the London social calendar (which took place between 23 and the 27th), it’s also the best known of the Royal Horticultural Society many shows, some of which will take place with the backdrop of some of the country’s finest estates over the summer. Here’s our top 5 gardens from the recent show, in no particular order.

Made in Clerkenwell 2017

Yesterday (14th of May 2017) I’ve had the pleasure to attend Craft Central’s Made in Clerkenwell event. Designers opened their studios for the day, some of them working (I was able to observe for a few fascinating moments the work of violin makers Ruschil and Bailly, which is not a kind of craft you expect to see every day), but mostly it was a showcase of products with the ability to buy them, and most designers happy to have a chat about their work.

5 favourites for the home in the colour of “natural optimism”

Twinings and Pantone have teamed up to create a colour that would give you an instant mood lift. As we near the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, we think it’s great to remind ourselves that even those who do not suffer from mental illnesses need to take care of their wellbeing (and at L&Y we are trying to be more intentional with our living), so we are really keen on this new colour. Also, blue is my own lifelong favourite colour, so I’m partial to it regardless. So, if you’re up for spending some money why don’t you take a look at our favourites for the home in this new colour (or close shades), and maybe donate something to a mental health charity while at that? 

The Fashion Revolution in Interior Design

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are interested in creating a more intentional lifestyle. Today (April 24th) marks the start of the Fashion Revolution week. Since the tragedy of the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in 2013, activists have used the anniversary as a catalyst for their activities of change during the year, to create buzz around the subject and reach many people. Ethical fashion has been put on the agenda of most brands, thanks especially to celebrity endorsements and the fact that we tend to consume clothes more than any other products, but fashion revolution is, I believe, very relevant to interiors too. 

Ideas to celebrate Earth Day

One aspect of intentional living is being mindful that our actions have an impact, and so making decisions based on what impact they have, and trying to make it a positive impact as much as we can. Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day, the day marking the birthday of the global environmental movement in the 1970s. Whether or not you are an activist or interested in being one, it’s a good occasion to celebrate our beautiful planet (did anyone say cake?).
There are many opportunities to celebrate it within our local communities, or you can do something to mark it with your family and friends, or even by yourself if you wish. Here’s a list of our favourite ideas of what to do to mark the day.