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Your L&Y: Restaining an antique dresser by Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

At Laurel and Yew, we are passionate about creating a culture that is more intentional about how we live our lives and design our homes for our and our planet's happiness. For this reason, we want to showcase your projects. If you want to submit a project, email us at 

Our first project is restaining an antique dresser, by Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl, a lifestyle blog that features craft tutorials and recipes. There's also a bit of traveling to beautiful and fun destinations along with a lot of highlights of her life in Georgia..

My husband and I love going to antique shows and auctions. We don't have a lot of antique furniture since we are kind of picky about what we like but we have two antique dressers. One we bought at auction and the other one has been in my husband's family for a long time! 
This dresser was painted so many times that we didn't know the original color of it. When we got it it was an orangey peach color.

We wanted it to somewhat match the bookcases we had in our bedroom so we went to Home Depot to find the perfect stain for it. We also needed some paint stripper to get the years of paint off.
My husband used the paint stripper to get all the paint off and then sanded the dresser so that it was smooth. When he was done, I put some old newspapers down and started staining!

We wanted the color to be dark enough so I used several coats of stain. It took a few days to completely dry. I think it turned out so much better than I first thought it would!
We bought new hardware for it and I love how this dresser turned out! It took a while to finish but it was so worth the wait.
You can find some really great furniture pieces at auctions and antique shows. Or you never know what is actually in your family's basement or attic! Go look around!

A personal message from Cate: "Hi friends! I'm Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl!  I am the hostess of a blog challenge called Solidarity Sister. Alessia participated in the April/May round and I'm so happy that she did! I had a blast getting to know her and learning a little bit about what she had to say about the behind the scenes of blogging! We are taking a break from Solidarity Sisters for the summer but it will be back in September!" We hope you'll join us then

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