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Sleek design for a renovated company office


As the company evolved over the years from a consultancy-based model to the current one, the needs of the space have evolved with it. The new design accommodated more desks to fit the growing team, a modern boardroom for the important team meetings, and a phone booth that also serves as a smaller meeting room, all in the new branding colours.


Clever use of space in a top-floor studio flat for young professionals


The biggest architectural features of this flat is the alcove under the roof. It provided great unseen storage space, freeing up the main area for living. The ease of re-arranging the movable furniture allows the couple to have guests on the sofa-bed that opens towards the kitchenette. Hidden boxes under the bed increased the storage capacity beyond the alcove. The landlord’s prohibition on decorating the wall did not mean the flat remains undecorated, with space for plants and flowers to give it colour.

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